Home Groups St Oswald's Anglican Church

 We currently have two women's groups meeting weekly for study and prayer, and expect a third to restart soon either as a fortnightly men's or mixed study group. The Thursday group is following the Bible Society E100 study of key passages in the Bible. We run Alpha courses from time to time - a video and discussion  course sharing ideas about God and introducing what Christians believe.

Home Groups are a great way to meet and make deeper friendships and share our thoughts and experiences in relation to the Bible. Home groups meet one night per week for fellowship and prayer. Click the "Contact Us" button or call our office to find out more about Home Groups and how you can become a part of a Home Group in your area.
We also have a weekly lunchtime meeting for prayer at 10 am on Tuesdays.


Currently our men's group meets on Monday evenings fortnightly and two women's groups meet, one on Wednesday evening and one on Thursday evening. Also  there is a Tuesday evening "Christian Basics" group.

Groups go into recess in late December and January.