Introduction to the Christian Faith

Christians believe in Jesus Christ. We believe in Him – it’s not just ideas about Him, and more than the fact He said and did great and inspiring things long ago. We believe in Him in the way that you trust the person you know best and have most reason to rely on; we believe that He came from God, lived for us, gave his life on the cross for us, died, was buried – and was raised to life on the third day for us. We believe He lives for us now.

From God; for us; everliving; the one who reconciles us human beings to God. Jesus reveals to us the Fatherly love of God. Believing in Jesus is a matter not simply of thought but of life; believing in Him means trusting Him and following Him and knowing His help and living His way. What this means is that you can’t really learn what Christianity is from a text book; you have to start living it and doing it to make sense of it, and it takes time to get to know Jesus, just as it takes time to get to know any person. Jesus said it boils down to this – to love God; to love (practically) people.

We’d love to talk with you more about your understanding of God, your hopes and purpose in life. We can always arrange a short course of exploration of faith in Jesus, even for one person.