Funerals at St Oswald's Anglican Church

We believe it is important to farewell loved ones from church, and we welcome all who desire to hold a funeral at St Oswalds.
We believe that funeral ministry is highly important and give it our fullest attention. St Oswald’s is a good place for the funeral ceremony as its layout is suitable for both small and large funerals (up to 200 people). Our vicar has conducted over 300 funerals in his ministry. While the church building is an excellent option for the funeral it is equally acceptable for the vicar to conduct funerals at the cemetery or crematorium.
Please contact the vicar (the initial contact is often made via your funeral director at the time of death, but we welcome discussion at any time in preparation for the future).
As a guide to costs (which reflect the standing cost of maintaining the church building)
Church: $250 - $300
Organist: Your own arrangement, $60 - $200
Hall:        for after funeral gathering $150 (small funeral) $250 (large funeral)
There is no charge for members of the congregation
For more information, contact the office or click on the Contact Us button.

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